• Charity GoTE Madden 23 League
  • Teams will be auctioned. Half of the auction will go to 1st and 2nd place as a 70/30 percent split and the other half will go to GoTE in order to help Make a Difference in the lives of others
  • Players will follow the 2023 NFL Season schedule
    • (17 games with up to date rosters and injuries)
  • Players will have an entire week to find a time when they and their opponent can play their scheduled game, prior to the actual game starting time
  • Playoff games will be based on the GoTE Season results (not the NFL Season results)
  • This is our first time running this League, so please be patient with us as we will inevitably run into unexpected issues

Madden 23 will not have crossplay. Therefore, the number of entries will determine whether we have more than one league. Fill out the REGISTRATION if you are interested, this will in no way commit you to the league. We will contact you as soon as we have more registrations and information.
Please join our Discord, in order to make communication easier and more centralized during the season.