We will send all codes by email within 24 hours.

Rivals of Aether Charity Buddy and Skin

Thank you for your support. We're a small group trying to Make a BIG Difference.
Teaming with the crew from Rivals of Aether has been nothing short of AMAZING!!!

Every donation Makes a Difference. With the help of the RoA crew and players all over the world we have donated over $100,000 in order to Make a Difference in the lives of sick kids. We also have taken care of over 50 gaming consoles at local hospitals, in order to make sure that kids feel like kids while they are in the hospital.
To redeem your code follow these steps:
1. Open your Steam client.
2. Select "+ add a game" in the bottom left.
3. Select "Activate a product on Steam..."
4. Enter your code!
Let us know if you have any issues redeeming your code.